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Prestige Car Buyers

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Prestige Car Buyers

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Prestige Car Buyers

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Payment into your nominated account is normally processed within 24 hrs if not the same day and we’ll organise pick up of your car, EASY…

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Prestige Car Buyers

We are a team of passionate professionals with a wealth of knowledge when it comes to luxury, prestige vehicles. We specialise in Prestige Cars and therefore you know that you will always receive the best price for your Prestige Car.

We are located in Essendon Fields but operate Australia wide, buying cars direct from the customer, saving them the hassle and stress of dealing with dealerships and strangers at their door!

Save on advertising, reconditioning, road worthy and detailing costs.

If you are looking to sell your Luxury, Sports or Executive vehicle, Prestige Car Buyers will assess your car and offer you a fair, realistic price. Hassle Free!

If it’s a Prestige Car, then we are interested, no matter where it’s located in Australia. We’ll organise everything from paperwork, payment, and transport.

Our honest personal approach has seen Prestige Car Buyers build a strong client base with many customers returning to us for the trustworthy, fair, and professional conduct that our company provides.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are you are dealership?

We are a prestige car retailer and therefore you are guaranteed the best price for your prestige car. We are not wholesalers, so no middlemen.

2. Is that valuation the amount you will pay?

Yes. Unlike most other car buying services and offers, we don’t offer you an inflated price to get you in the door and then magically reduce the price upon inspecting your vehicle. We collect all the critical information required upfront to give you a fair and honest price indication. If your vehicle matches the description, we’d rather shake your hand than argue over price.

3. What type of vehicles do you value?

Anything prestige, normally European. Give us a go, we don’t normally say no.

4. Why use Prestige Car Buyers?

  • Save money on reconditioning, road worthy, advertising, and detailing costs.
  • Best prices paid with 30+ years’ experience n Prestige Cars, we know your car like you do.
  • We come to you - Australia wide.
  • Fast, secure payment – Normally within 24 hrs or less.
  • Finance settled – We settle any finance owing directly with the financier.
  • Professional, honest service – The best experience available, Hassle free!

Vehicles we purchase

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